PowerShell – Linux and OSx – Passing Get-Credential to Sudo

If you want to run a PowerShell CmdLet that requires elevation on Linux or OSx from a non elevated PowerShell session, you might need to use sudo.

The three lines below allows you to pass PowerShell’s Get-Credential to sudo, which will elevate the next PowerShell CmdLet you want to run.


Note: You have to invoke a new PowerShell session to elevate the CmdLet as PowerShell is run in memory.

If you want to assign the results of a CmdLet that was elevated with sudo to a variable the results are returned as a string and not an object. The reason is not sudo but how PowerShell returns its results back (This will include data written to any stream like verbose etc).


See link: https://github.com/PowerShell/PowerShell/blob/master/docs/KNOWNISSUES.md#sudo-exec-and-powershell

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